TASMAN art supplies

The professional choice; Rembrandt the well known name for a range of products which are renowned for their superior and unrivalled quality.
Developed with pure craftsmanship and artistic understanding.

With only one aim in mind: to supply the best possible product. the highest quality is provided in the form of the best raw materials such as pigments and binders.
But also quality is guaranteed through careful craftsmanship and stringent checks during the manufacturing process.


In order to achieve this "artists' quality extra fine" product Talens combines classic craftsmanship with modern monitoring devices. So that nothing is left to chance.

Rembrandt colours are still (as they have been for a century) ground on the traditional triple-roller. This is not the fastest production method, but it is certainly the best. And that is what we aim for.

Rembrandt paints are also well-known for their extensive range of colour options, giving maximum freedom in putting together a palette. For example the oil colour range has a comprehensive 120 colours, including specialities such as cadmium and cobalt pigments.

Rembrandt Water Colours are available in 80 colours, the Rembrandt Soft Pastel selection in 203 colours.In the Rembrandt range there is also an extensive and exclusive selection of brushes and substrates.

Rembrandt brushes are available in an extensive range all of which meet the highest standards of Rembrandt quality, from sable to pure Kolinsky hair types.

Rembrandt paper blocks offer a surface which also meets the highest standards, from traditional cylinder mould-made water colour paper to specially developed pastel paper.

No wonder professionals the world over find inspiration with Rembrandt. Because Rembrandt products give ample scope to the creative aspirations of all artists.

REMBRANDT: The professional choice.