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  Van Gogh Oil Pastels

Van Gogh Oil Pastels have a striking intensity of colour, are particularly soft and are therefore pleasant to use. Their softness means that these oil pastels release colour very easily. An important aspect when working with oil pastels.

One can work with oil pastels on various surfaces: apart from paper and board, wood and earthenware are also very suitable. Because of the good adhesion to the surface, works made in Van Gogh Oil Pastels are not so vulnerable. As a result this technique is also eminently suitable for working outdoors.

The colour range contains an extensive selection of 90 colours, including special items like reflex and pearlescent colours. With oil pastels the user can start work immediately. All that is needed in addition to the pastels, is a surface (for example Van Gogh Pastel paper or Sketching paper).

All 90 Van Gogh Oil Pastel colours are available separately in bundles of 6.

Cardboard sets with oil pastels
Starter Set with general colours
12 Van Gogh oil pastels.
95860012 GOGH OILPAST.SET 95 C 12#
Set with bright colours
12 Van Gogh oil pastels.
95860013 GOGH OILPAST.SET 95 C 12B#
Set with Landscape colours
12 Van Gogh oil pastels.
95860014 GOGH OILPAST.SET 95 C 12L#
Basic Set with general colours
24 Van Gogh oil pastels.
95860024 GOGH OILPAST.SET 95 C 24#
De Luxe Set with general colours
48 Van Gogh oil pastels.
95860048 GOGH OILPAST.SET 95 C 48#



Remarkable softness and good colour release
Based on pure pigments, minerals and waxes
Suitable for various grounds