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Van Gogh Acrylic Colour

The Van Gogh Acrylic Colour range is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced painters.
Because of its ease of use, the fact that it can be thinned with water and the fast drying time, it is easy to achieve good results with Van Gogh acrylic colours.
The paint is very thick, so that brush strokes remain clearly visible and so are able to give character to the work.

The 40 colours are brilliant and lightfast, so that paintings remain for a very long time in their original state. The paint is weatherproof and does not crack, an excellent quality acrylic colour, made from the best raw materials. Van Gogh Acrylic is a versatile paint which is suitable for a wide range of techniques and effects such as: watercolour and oil-type effects, collages, murals, etc. The surfaces for acrylic are very varied: apart from artists’ canvas and canvas boards, it is easy to paint on wood and stone with them. Van Gogh Sketching Blocks and even Water Colour paper are ideally suited to all kinds of techniques using Van Gogh Acrylic Colour.

All 40 colours are available in 20 ml and 40 ml tubes. The 20 most important colours are also available in large-size tubes 150 ml.

We currently stock 20ml tubes (packed per 5) and Titanium white in 40ml tubes (packed per 3).
Other sizes available on request.

Strong and brilliant colours
Excellent lightfastness
Thick paint for clear brush strokes
Retains colour integrity for a long time thanks to lightfast pigments